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“I think at the end of the day, it’s not just about saying it’s viable. It’s about saying that this thing is going forward. From that standpoint, I’ve loved working with that team [at Quantum Assembly.]”


Edlen & Co. is an impact real estate company, meaning it creates a balance between the built environment and human prosperity. The firm takes a bold step beyond traditional real estate development to make measurable quality-of-life improvements in communities where people thrive. Every Edlen & Co. project focuses on finding a more sustainable future while connecting people to opportunities, delivering strong returns for investors, and creating a positive long-term impact.

Some of Edlen & Co.’s recent projects are located in cities including Boise and Coeur D’Alene, Idaho; Portland, Oregon; and Spokane, Washington. These projects involved buildings like a health treatment and recovery center, a renovated mill, a walkable community, and many others.

Matt Edlen, the co-founder of Edlen & Co., first met Ryan and the team at Quantum Assembly about two years ago at the urging of an investor. As a career real estate investor himself, Matt keeps a keen eye on the details of every project.


Matt began with a bit of skepticism but soon realized Quantum Assembly has what it takes to make a difference in the industry. Matt says, “I think that the notion was to go get a sense for us, you know, is this legit? Is the product real? It was very easy for me to see where they were at in the process, that their future vision, that’s something that I really believe could be incredibly effective for the industry.”

Since then, Matt has worked with Quantum Assembly on the implementation and adoption side of the process. Working collaboratively, the entire team thinks through the logistics of problem-solving for key issues, and Matt brings his many years of expertise to each discussion. 

He’s been glad to see an overall long-term focus from the team at Quantum Assembly because doing something better now yields high returns in the future. Work happening now and within the next two months will lead to better outcomes in the next two years.


Positive results on smaller-scale projects are already showing promise for larger-scale applications down the line. Matt says, “I think that there are a lot of avenues for the application. I think for simply the housing sector, you could definitely see a combination of, for smaller scale projects, it being a general contract exhibit solution working with Quantum directly.”

He sees additional potential for projects like medical offices, where Quantum Assembly’s forward-thinking approach could be highly effective. Middle-income housing also holds enormous potential.

Matt says, “It [middle-income housing] really has been an unobtainable pot to solve for. I mean, it has been for over 20 years now. We’re actually delivering quality workforce housing. It just costs too high.” Quantum Assembly offers an attainable solution for a large segment of the population which has traditionally been shut out of proper housing.

Matt Edlen
Co-founder - Edlen & Co.

Matt Edlen

“We all know the role we play and respect how each aspect of that ecosystem can bring this to the forefront. There’s no ego in that, which I think is really rare to see.”

The Future of Edlen & Co.’s Partnership with Quantum Assembly 

Matt predicts Quantum Assembly will help serve people who have traditionally been left out of the system because they couldn’t afford to be part of it. This may include young people, renters, and others across all walks of life who have never felt welcomed into the system.

“It takes a village, and it does take a collective,” Matt says. “It takes a collective body of individuals from all different aspects of the sector to really check the box and get the product off the ground.”

Matt points out that the ingrained ways of viewing construction, production, and built environments aren’t always friendly to the entire ecosystem. He notes his industry also isn’t always open to radical change, so it’s refreshing to work with a group like Quantum Assembly with a total shift in mindset. 

“Our industry has been so hesitant to change in some aspects, and in some aspects… It’s moved mountains in Spain,” Matt says. “I’m sitting in one of the world’s largest and most sustainable buildings in the world today. And that wouldn’t have been a reality ten years ago, even five years ago.”

Ultimately, he says, it’s about sharing a bold vision for the future. “I think at the end of the day, it’s not just about saying it’s viable. It’s about saying that this thing is going forward. From that standpoint, I’ve loved working with that team [at Quantum Assembly.]”

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