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Modular Multifamily is Booming: Here’s What You Should Know

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The housing market has never been more strained and in dire need of change. Modular multifamily is that much-needed change. As a result of the increased demand for attainable housing and the ongoing labor shortages, modular multifamily housing has become a practical, fast, affordable win-win solution. According to a July 2023 report, the global modular construction market size is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.35% to reach USD 219.17 billion by 2030.

global modular construction market

This innovative approach to construction offers such distinct benefits to developers, residents, and investors that there’s become a steadily growing niche of companies, like Quantum Assembly, that specialize in manufacturing modular multifamily homes. 

Let’s dig into modular multifamily housing, its advantages, and why it’s in such high demand.

Table of Contents
How is Modular Multifamily Built?
Who Can Benefit from Modular Multifamily Housing?
Why Are Modular Multifamily Homes Suddenly So Popular?
Get Started with a Modular Multifamily Company

How is Modular Multifamily Built?

Modular multifamily housing, also known as modular construction, involves the construction of housing units in a factory-like setting. These units, called modules, are then transported to the site and assembled to create a complete building. 

Most modular companies use half-completed modules that are handmade using wood and drywall. Quantum Assembly manufactures fully complete and ready-to-install steel modules that require no wood, drywall, or paint and can be assembled on-site in less time. We use the highest-quality materials and adhere to the strictest building codes and regulations. Our off-site construction method allows for faster and more efficient building processes compared to traditional on-site construction.

The modules can be combined into different layouts so that the building can have any mix of floorplans, from studios to two-bedrooms. The modules are shipped onsite, where they’re quickly assembled either vertically to create apartment buildings or horizontally to form entire communities of tiny homes. 

An empty site can turn into beautiful, sustainable, and affordable multifamily modular housing in a matter of weeks with Quantum Assembly.

Who Can Benefit from Modular Multifamily Housing?

Compared to traditional on-site, stick-built by-hand homes, modular multifamily housing offers unique benefits for all stakeholders, including:


Developers are taking advantage of the speed and efficiency of modular multifamily construction to complete projects faster, reducing construction costs and increasing their return on investment. The streamlined construction process also minimizes delays due to weather conditions, resulting in more predictable timelines.


With the unprecedented increased demand for housing, investing in modular multifamily projects is a lucrative opportunity when partnered with the right multifamily building manufacturer. The efficient construction process and shorter construction timelines can result in quicker occupancy and rental income generation. Moreover, modular construction’s reputation for quality and durability can make these properties attractive for long-term investment.


Most importantly, the benefits of multifamily modular are felt just as strongly by the residents. Modular multifamily housing provides residents with high-quality, well-designed living spaces that they may not otherwise be able to afford. Multifamily modular homes like Quantum Assembly’s incorporate sustainable features, energy-efficient systems, and modern amenities.

Our modular construction techniques are helping to address the growing demand for affordable housing by offering more cost-effective options. This is especially important in areas where it’s difficult to find realistic housing close to the resident’s workplace.

Want to invest in Quantum Assembly’s multifamily modular manufacturing technologies or develop a prefab multifamily building or village? Contact us to learn more.

Why Are Modular Multifamily Homes Suddenly So Popular?

The concept of prefab modular construction isn’t a new one, but the rising demand for affordable housing (particularly in areas that are difficult to develop on-site) has pushed modular multifamily buildings to the position of highest demand. 

Several important factors have contributed to this surge in the popularity of modular multifamily housing:

Speed and Efficiency

According to the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), modular prefab construction reduces the time required to complete a project by as much as 40-50% compared to traditional construction methods. The ability to build modules concurrently with site preparation and foundation work enables developers to accelerate the construction process. This efficiency is particularly advantageous in high-demand areas where housing supply needs to catch up with population growth.

Cost Savings

According to the same NIBS report, modular multifamily construction is at least 20% more cost-effective than traditional construction due to reduced labor and material waste, controlled factory environments, and economies of scale. Developers can optimize their budgets and allocate resources more efficiently, making modular multifamily housing a financially appealing option. Those savings are felt at every level, so residents can expect to pay less with the same returns for the building owner.


Modular construction often incorporates sustainable practices and materials, especially when companies like Quantum Assembly have eliminated the need for wasteful wood, drywall, and paint. The controlled factory environment allows for better waste management and recycling at every step of the manufacturing process. The ability to prefabricate modules reduces the overall construction waste generated. Quantum Assembly’s use of energy-efficient automated systems and sustainable building materials in their modular multifamily housing contributes to a greener future.

Multifamily modular companies have sprung up everywhere in recent years. But only one solves the issues created by hand-built wooden modules — Quantum Assembly utilizes precision automation and robotics to produce complete steel modules that can be installed onsite in a matter of days.

Get Started with a Modular Multifamily Company

Modular multifamily housing is transforming the construction industry by offering faster, more efficient, and sustainable housing solutions. Developers, residents, and investors are all benefiting from this innovative approach, which provides quality housing while reducing costs and environmental impact. By partnering with a reputable modular construction company, you can tap into this booming trend and be part of the future of multifamily housing.

Quantum Assembly is the only impact-driven modular multifamily construction company that has solved the disadvantages that come with traditional modular construction. As a result, we manufacture innovative steel multifamily buildings and villages, drastically reducing total time and cost for developers, investors, and, ultimately, residents. 

To invest in multifamily modular development or to build modular multifamily homes, contact a Quantum Assembly representative now.

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