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Why did we start Quantum Assembly?

Because everyone should have a home they love.

When our founder, Ryan Olsen, saw a Head Start teacher forced to leave their home because they could no longer afford to stay, he knew something had to change. He saw no solution to the affordable housing crisis that was simultaneously:

  • Realistically high-quality and low-cost to build at scale,
  • Respectful to the inhabitants of the building,
  • And sustainable for the environment.

So he assembled a team of forward-thinkers who were equally as frustrated by current manufacturing and construction methods, and they developed their own. They’ve rethought the materials, fabrication, and build methods, leveraging high-precision automation to change how we build houses.

Our Leadership Team

Ryan Olsen
CEO | Founder

Ryan Olsen

Ryan has over 20 years of experience in urban real estate development, architecture, finance, and construction. He has extensive experience bringing high-quality housing to communities and has extensive experience with housing financing, permitting, and supply chain management.

Ryan has worked closely with leading technology and automation providers to develop Quantum Assembly’s groundbreaking manufactured housing. He has personally overseen the development of the company’s manufacturing partnerships, technology, and materials development.

“We are facing a global housing affordability crisis. Quantum Assembly has pioneered the productization of buildings, enabling high-quality, precision mass production of affordable, luxurious homes.”

Patrick Handran
COO | Operations

Patrick Handran

Patrick is a renowned manufacturing and supply chain director. His operational experience spans semiconductor, medical, aerospace, and industrial sectors. With a strong background in quality management systems and manufacturing software, Patrick oversees the advanced automations that set Quantum Assembly apart. By utilizing solid manufacturing principles, Patrick is helping to aggressively scale Quantum to benefit the residents/customers, suppliers, and communities it serves.

More than anything, Patrick cherishes his best friend/wife and four children. He invests his time with family, friends, and in nature — fishing, hiking, and hunting. He has a deep appreciation for history and the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

“I chose to join Quantum because I saw the opportunity to put my life’s experience in manufacturing into creating something new and innovative in the housing segment. Affordable housing has been a challenge for many of the people I’ve worked with during my years in manufacturing management. I’m passionate about this because I feel that I can actually make a difference in solving this issue.”

Juan Manuel
VP | Manufacturing

Juan Manuel Peña Paredes

Juan Manuel is a seasoned operations executive with over 27 years of experience managing some of the world’s best manufacturing organizations in various industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, medical, robotics, and aerospace. Juan Manuel has held executive roles at prestigious companies such as Audi, SMP-Automotive, Flextronics, Plastic Omnium, Solectron, and Siemens, where he demonstrated his expertise in building and managing high-tech, large-scale manufacturing organizations.

Juan Manuel loves jogging, learning new languages, traveling, and hanging out with his two beloved children. He enjoys gardening, reading, studying modern and ancient civilizations, and sipping a good coffee or red wine outdoors. He even writes poetry, drawing inspiration from the natural world he loves.

“Quantum Assembly creates spaces that offer peace of mind and generational opportunities, so today’s and tomorrow’s engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and community leaders can express themselves and share their gifts, where families can be reunified and individuals dignified. To the point: Communities and cities can be created with Quantum Assembly.”

VP | Engineering

Tom Sage

Tom has devoted 33 plus years to helping small and start-up businesses develop their products and their production capacity.   While focusing on mechanical engineering, his work has spanned new product design, heavy industrial equipment, control of fluid, mechanical and thermal process equipment, safety and industrial design.   Tom helped grow an SBIR contract into a successful airport explosive detection company.  He redesigned the production processes of a truck bed liner company to meet their exponentially growing demand.  He served as lead engineer at a toy company, designed and built a stem cell isolating machine, a magnetic brain imaging system, a wind turbine gear box, electric vehicles and several medical devices.  He helped turn a small firefighting equipment company into a successful acquisition by redesigning their full product line.  Tom helped turn a garage welding shop into a 30-employee brewery manufacturer where he designed 50+ custom breweries across the US.  He recently developed and sold the IP for a vape cartridge capping press.    Tom is excited to join the Quantum Assembly team in solving the current overwhelming demand for affordable living spaces.

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