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What Does Quantum Assembly Do?

We're using automated assembly and better materials to create beautiful, sustainable, attainable homes

Quantum Assembly is doing for housing what Henry Ford did to the automobile industry: Taking something that was previously labor-, cost-, and time-intensive and redesigning the system and materials so that it becomes a consistent, high-quality product that’s factory-produced in less time and at a lower cost.

Highly skilled production partners create our parts and pieces using advanced robotic fabrication. With the help of our automation partners, Quantum Assembly is expanding its factory to accommodate the increase in demand for our automated construction projects.

Our buildings and villages are beautiful, durable, efficient, and environmentally and economically sustainable to produce and own. They’re pre-designed, pre-permitted, pre-fabricated, and pre-assembled, which has never been done before.

Not months or years. Ready in weeks.

Shelter is the most basic human need. But we’re still building it by hand, piece by piece. It’s expensive, slow, risky, inefficient, and unsustainable. Quantum Assembly is challenging that.


Designed in minutes

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Permitted in weeks


Installed in days

How do we do it?

Quantum Assembly has removed the notion that attainable homes need to be ugly, utilitarian shoeboxes — hand-assembled and easily threatened by decay. The American dream of anyone owning a quality home is finally a reality.

It’s about building smarter. Quantum Assembly has completely rethought:

No wood. No drywall. No paint.

A Quantum Assembly home’s walls are innovative panels wrapped in noncombustible structural sheathing, which also insulates efficiently. It’s fireproof, pest-proof, rot-proof, and virtually indestructible.

QA warehouse suds stacked

Build anything. Block by block.

We used ultra-high-grade steel to create Quantum Universal Building Blocks (QUBBs), changing the construction landscape.Like the LEGO® sets you built as a kid, our Blocks give you a complete kit.

Quantum Universal Building Block

Pre-fabricated. Pre-assembled. Installed in 48 hours.

Our plug-and-play QUBBs are designed to meet the most stringent zoning, safety, and code requirements. You can put the building anywhere, even relocate it, and it’ll still meet local codes.

Stacking almost complete
The people beneath the hard hats

Your Quantum Assembly team

We’ve gathered top industry experts to rethink how we build homes.

QA exterior protype vertical
QAQA interior finishedunit kitchen
The Result

Everybody wins

The challenge facing most well-intentioned attempts at providing attainable housing is that they fail to approach buildings as a product. And for a product to be successful, everyone must benefit. That includes:


Low-risk, low-maintenance, high-quality buildings make for happy tenants and owners. Spend drastically less time and money on upkeep.


Our spacious, light-filled buildings are easy to maintain, upgrade, and own on any budget. We want every resident to feel proud of their home.

Developers and Builders

Quickly and affordably produced and installed, our QUBBs arrive almost fully assembled and can be configured into any solution at any building site.

This is who we are, what we want, and how we do it. For our communities and our future.

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