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Our partners

Industry legends are joining Quantum Assembly to solve the housing crisis.

Reimagining prefabricated buildings

The construction industry is much the same as it was 50 years ago: Slow, hand-assembled, labor-intensive, and unpredictable.

But today’s rising materials costs, perpetually tight manual labor market, and volatile financial markets demand a new home design and construction approach.

Quantum Assembly has fundamentally reshaped the construction market by designing high-quality, elegant multi-family buildings and pre-planned communities built with automated assembly, using innovative sustainable materials, and enabling rapid on-site installation.

We can now build an entire city block or rural community in a matter of days.

How it works

In six steps, an empty site can be transformed into a vibrant community.



Choose from our curated catalog of pre-permitted, predesigned buildings or pre-planned community layouts, and select your unit mixes, from studios to two-bedroom flats. Pick your roof, siding, and interior packages.



Quantum Assembly units are designed for simple, high-speed assembly that takes just days to install on-site. From in-factory fabrication to on-site installation, a building can now be move-in ready within two weeks.



Units can be delivered anywhere by ground, sea, or air. The blocks arrive on-site 95% complete. This means less on-site work, fewer labor costs, faster assembly, and decreased time-to-occupancy.



Units are quickly installed in days, not weeks or months. No traditional foundation or complex assembly is required — just place the 95% complete blocks into the desired on-site configuration.



Unlike traditional modular construction made of wood and drywall, Quantum Assembly’s units are called “ageless buildings” by insurance companies and lenders, which makes financing more accessible.



We want occupants to love their homes, spend less time and money on maintenance, and reinvest the saved mental, physical, and financial resources into thriving instead of just surviving.

QA exterior prototype horizontal

Multi-Family Exterior


Studio Interior

QA interior finishedunit kitchen livingroom

Interior Kitchen & Living Room

QA interior finishedunit livingarea

Interior Living & Dining Rooms

interior bathroom

Interior Bathroom

QA interior bathroom washer dryer

Interior Washer & Dryer

Reducing what matters

For developers, owners, lenders, and occupants, Quantum Assembly’s pre-fabricated, curated buildings reduce:

A traditionally constructed ten-unit apartment building takes months to build on-site. With Quantum Assembly, a ten-unit apartment building can go from fabrication to move-in-ready in two weeks.

Quantum Assembly buildings are installed faster than modular construction solutions available today, which rely heavily on on-site assembly. Our buildings leave the factory 95% assembled; everything from the roof to the window blinds is already installed, so connecting the building to the site takes just days, not weeks.

Even permits and zoning requirements require less time with a Quantum building. These drastically reduced timelines mean:

  • Shorter windows for risk
  • Faster time-to-occupancy
  • Reduced labor requirements
  • Fewer overall costs
Stacking almost complete

Because we’ve reduced construction, insurance, energy, and maintenance costs, landlords are able to rent out Quantum Assembly properties at a lower (more competitive) price for tenants and still make the same returns as with traditionally constructed buildings. Everyone benefits.

All of this adds up to reduced costs to produce, insure, maintain, operate, and own the building. And because we utilize automation at every possible opportunity, we can use the highest-grade, most durable, luxurious, and efficient products available, all at a lower cost. Quantum Assembly reduces costs for lenders, property owners, and occupants in the immediate now and the far-off future.

QA warehouse voortman

Quantum Assembly’s approach to rapidly-produced, high-end construction collapses windows for risk. Because our QUBBs roll out of the factory almost fully assembled, all the timelines are sped up — faster site installation, permits, insurance, inspections, and zoning requirements — so there’s less time for things to go wrong, resulting in higher costs. For developers and builders, this gives a fixed cost for the building, drastically reduces the overall timeline, and ultimately reduces risk.

Because Quantum Assembly homes are less risky to insure than a traditionally constructed building, the insurance costs of a Quantum Assembly home are almost 70% less than a wood frame building with drywall. Unlike fragile homes built from wood and drywall, our buildings are impervious to fire, rot, and can meet even the most stringent safety and zoning requirements. Insurance companies call these “ageless buildings.” Because they’re less risky, it also makes it easier for prospective building owners to get a loan.

QA warehouse plasmamachine 2

Tour the solution to affordable housing

This pre-designed and pre-permitted building was installed on-site and ready for residents within days. Now, it’ll provide a safe home for generations.


The image conjured by affordable housing projects is a bleak one: nobody is excited to live in “The Projects.” People deserve better than ugly, cheaply-made temporary housing.

Quantum Assembly has developed a realistic, scaleable solution to the global housing crisis that prioritizes respect for the people who call our buildings home. Anyone can own a Quantum Assembly unit, but just as importantly, everyone wants to.


Each Quantum Assembly Universal Building Block is sleek, modern, and full of light and air. We’ve carefully curated a selection of units that snap together in your preferred configuration.

  • Ten-foot ceilings are standard for every unit.
  • Exterior cladding in stylish, durable, and low-maintenance architectural metal and fiber resin panels.
  • Customizable rooftop options, including green roofs for habitat, rooftop decks for play, and solar roofs for financial and environmental efficiency.

Curated buildings that last generations are attainable in the present.


Quantum Assembly’s high-end buildings are sustainable to own and maintain for generations, in addition to their reduced environmental impact. Traditional modular construction relies on wood, drywall, and concrete: all of which are expensive, impractical, unsustainable, and susceptible to damage.

Our revolutionary QUBBs use frames made of recycled steel wrapped in a fireproof insulated sheathing. The unique interior panels can be produced on an automated assembly line in less than ten minutes and are used to create the QUBB, which leaves the factory pre-assembled and ready to install onsite. Quantum Assembly will dramatically reduce the environmental impacts of the construction industry — forever.

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